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Holidaying in India can become a source of stress and disappointment

IF YOU HAVE EVER felt that your holiday in India was LESS than what you expected, then you are not alone. Countless new-age travelers just like you feel disappointed and end up “wanting more” from their holidays.

Year after year, you spend your hard earned time and money on tour packages, only to discover the so-called “popular spots” full of crowd.

And you begin to think - “I didn’t come here for THIS”. What if I told you there is completely new way to travel devoid of rush and crowd?

What if you can truly enjoy your holidays and return with beautiful memories and real life stories to tell?

I am your host, Rajnikant Sinojiya and welcome to the brand new world of experiential travel.

We Are into Experiences and Not Just Travel

Get ready to soak yourself in the unique local experiences of India.

Stay inside a farm in Punjab, ride the tractor in a Mustard field and experience the thrill of learning the Bhangra dance. Live like a Chettiar in an ancient Chettinad mansion with breakfast in the garden, lunch in the kitchen and dinner on the terrace. Spend a beautiful stargazing night at the foothills of Chembra peak. Visit the tribal hamlet and take Archery lessons from the local tribe. Learn Dandiya in Gujarat, stay in a heritage Kutchi Bhunga and eat pure Gujarati food with a local family. Stay in a Heritage Villa amidst 150 acres of rubber plantation or in the middle of a 1000 acre paddy field facing the backwaters. Listen to the folk songs of Kuttanad and eat authentic Sadhya lunch served on a Banana leaf.

With Mad About India, you are not just watching everything from a distance, but you become a part of the local experience.

Escape the crowded resorts, tour boats and long queues of people waiting to see the next attraction. Instead, experience the serene, tranquil and semi-secret wonders of India.

We have curated a myriad range of exotic travel experiences from the length breadth of India

Every place place in India has its own glorious history, intriguing mysteries and unique experiences. Uncover the mysteries of India, explore the unexplored and seeing the unseen.


Stay in eco friendly cottages and heritage homes


Experience the local activities and unexplored places


Be part of local living by embracing the local culture


Eat authentic regional food served in local style

Why Experiential travel?

Experiential travel is different from ordinary travel.

It not only enriches you as a human being, but it also brings you a new found understanding of various colors of people and culture in India.

  • It is NOT about how far, how fast or how much you see. Instead it is about the depth of experience and your closeness to the local people and place.
  • It is NOT about rushing to see the next attraction. Instead, it is about immersing yourself completely into the local culture, nature and food.

Experiential travel will re-define your relationship to the places and spaces you travel. With MadAboutIndia, you’ll never miss the heartbeat of the place.

How experiential travel is different from an ordinary travel package?

Here are the key differences between an experiential travel and a commodity travel package.
  Ordinary Travel Package Experiential Tour
Travel Long and stressful travel Less on travel more on experiences
Itinerary Mostly crowded and “overhyped” sight-seeing which kills your time Untouched, exquisite and hidden places unknown to most people
Food Regular food often lacks in local taste @Authentic, local cuisine cooked by a local expert served in traditional style
Activities Regular and worthless tourist activities. Usually costs extra Carefully thought and planned activities based on unique local experiences. Included in the cost
Stay Regular hotels mostly located in crowded areas Exclusive speciality
accommodations at great locations away from the noise and pollution, and run by warm,hospitable people

Why Mad About India?

At MadAboutIndia, we are not just passionate about experiential travel. We are experiential traveller ourselves.

This means, we do not sell any tour without personally experiencing it and perfecting it first. We take a lot of pain in designing each tour. We pay attention to the minutest detail.

Every travel experience is meticulously planned and perfectly executed so that you derive maximum value from your time spent. Crew is carefully chosen to ensure that never face a hurdle in communicating your wishes. We stay true to our mantra of less on travel and more on experience.

Here is what people say about us

Managed to make time for holidays. Especially leaving the family behind and going on a solo-holiday was a new experience for me. And it was worth it. The experiences were simply mind-blowing and connections I made were so valuable that each person in this tour seemed like the missing person in my life. Members in the group. The spirit of service shown by every team member of MAI team. The hospitality of owners where we stayed and the amazing food. I particularly loved the backwater stay and the auto-rickshaw village tour experience. Everyone looked stunning in the Kerala attire and it felt completely different. I could not imagine a better experience than this in Kerala. Yes, I have spoken to at least 10 people about this tour and all of them are excited. The photos say so much and everyone just get excited when they listen to the tribal songs I recorded on my phone. The backwaters, the tribal songs, the home stays and the jeep safari were the highlights of the tour. The welcome kit was a surprise element and the bus travel was very comfortable. Mad About India make us Mad About India. I am inspired by the true spirit of service and genuine happiness which the Mad About India team wants to give to its customers.

Hrishikesh Jobanputra

Had this been bigger group or group of known people, I would have said No It was an opportunity to meet new people and make friends .Explored certain parts of interior part of Kerala, met some wonderful people. Food was highlight for me, Homely food, choice of few properties and opportunity to try something different, fishing etc Time to soak-up pleasure of activity and experience, and some leisure time.

Sameer Paranjpe

Perfectly drafted itinerary and Authentic Kerala cuisine. Yes to all as am sure max people should experience this True Kerala flavour, Hats off to the Whispers of Kerala team for getting us in touch with Authentic Kerala Cuisine and way of life. A life time memory to cherish. Eagerly waiting for their new launches in other parts of India! WAY TO GO WHISPERS TEAM ....GOD BLESS U ALL

Preetam Patel

Locations, Eye for detail, Care for small needs, variety of local food that was provided during the stays, the 'homely' touch in food at Emerald isle and Vanilla County, When it comes to touring, there are a lot of tour operators who often sell a dream package and the experience is usually quite not the same. With Rajni's new venture MAI, his madness, passion, home-feel and his love for India is all packaged into these tours. The experience was more than my expectation. I was happy to be a part of his initial tour "Whispers of Kerala" and got to experience a tour that saved me a lot of planning [thus time], had a lot of fun and made new friends.

Jayesh Parmar

Inhibitions of having been to Kerala 3 times before and perception of having done similar kind of things before was the only thing that would have prevented me from buying Whispers of Kerala tour Another issue which was lingering in the mind was going for vacation with completely unknown people in a group - something that I had never done before!! A new way of looking at Kerala! Living like locals and enjoying local cuisine and music was the biggest highlight. I have already shared details with a few people around.

Pawan Bharadia

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